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Final Fantasy XIII: The Super Cut Series - EPISODE 1 - Friends Without Benefits

Final Fantasy XIII: The Super Cut Series - EPISODE 1 - Friends Without Benefits
Jan 31, 2018 at 9:16 AM
Posted By HarleyQuinn

Sup GAMERS, the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIII series with Dillon and Cade is finally here! Wow! I hope you Gamers like content and GAMING because literally EVERY SINGLE CUTSCENE IN THIS GAME IS COPYRIGHTED BY SQUARE ENIX ON YOUTUBE!

Now what does this mean for you? It means that we are going to be cutting together ~4 episodes into one upload and pumping these bad boys out so that way you guys get to watch this EPIC series, and we can move on to something else quicker.Something else that will actually give us ramen money for the next month! Your boys gotta eat.

Anyways, prepare for 1-2 hour long videos in this time slot for the next couple weeks.

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Thank you to our EPIC patrons for their EPIC help (damn this is a lot lmao)
Benjamin Pierson, Xaymar, Johnathan Melendez, Azizdarkreborn, Fluffkpis, Nikolai Story, Mrmasondude, Daniel Abraham, Hypertails7773, Justin Case Crouch, Tucker_the_Trucker, Austin Fredericks, Sam Tansey, Jeff Chapman, Patrick Nestor, Calvin Snipes, Caleb Ethridge, Chenndra Crawley, Hanan Lisha, Spencer Upton, Thomas B, Mason Collins, Reggie Fairy, Greed6397, Evan Balthazar, Jack Kelton, Paige Oliveria, SHARK, TheFireNathan, Kyle LaFroth, Alejandro Vazquez, Waddle, Mokie S, Michael Earnshaw, Christian Meek, Trevor Kobe, Kotar Peck, Denis Nikocevic, BrickyBuff, Alex blanchet, Joshue Alvarez, Ibuki Mioda, Nathan Sacamay, Saisoku, CarsThatDrive, Parker Scott, ChloDetta, Eel Boy, Justice Guercio, Jacob Douglas, Khalid Binkhunein, Jay McManus, Ropey Dan, Dade "Daltheer" Baum, LegendOfVCT, Abbie Lazuli, Ryan Roth, Chris Rhoades, Camden Walls, Nicholas Tavio, and Lavince.

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Friends Without Benefits consists of...
► Alpharad (Jacob)
► Dad (Don)
► Weegee (Cade)
► Deezus (Dillon)
► Major Duncan (Major Duncan)

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