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    Which are your most precious moments in FF13?

    I would say any scenes with Lightning in it is interesting in this FF13 game- and she is one tough broad. I would say Lightning has a lot of pent-up insecurities and negativity that she carries around with her. You have to admit that Lightning can really throw a punch at times though-like when...
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    Yes, in Final Fantasy 15 they have a magic system called Elemancy- also they have two magic systems in this game as well. This system is one that allows you to take various elements around the world that Noctis has collected and combine them into one, to make a very powerfull spell to cast...
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    Lightning is the most rude Final Fantasy hero

    I think they wanted to create a character that had never been seen before in Final Fantasy, and that was Lightning with a athletic body and therefore not so feminine as well- and of course she has that cold personality to go along with that body. Lightning has a cold demeanor though, which kind...
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    Prompto's Mother?

    I do not think Prompto had a mother- but they do have a lot of theories floating around out there- but one thing is for sure, he is not a test tube baby or even a robot. His fathers name is Verstael- but his mother I guess nobody really knows for sure, its just the Naga theory is quite possible...
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    Cut Content from Final Fantasy 15, What Happened?

    There is definitely a lot going on in Final Fantasy 15- and Kingsglaive is suppose to run parallel with the events of Final Fantasy 15, focusing on Regis Lucas Caelum CXIII- the father of the main character Noctis. They also have a movie out to promote the game- and it looks quite violent as...
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    Are You in Love with Squall Like Me?

    I think though besides his good looks which the ladies seem to like a lot- and I have heard his character in Final Fantasy was modeled after the late actor River Phoenix, so that may explain some of it. Squall Leonhart is basically a cold and aloof character as well- and he reminds me of some of...
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    Vivi's children

    The black mage is actually a race in Final Fantasy 9 instead of a job-like the other Final Fantasy games. Most black mages though are manufactured from the mist from the lifa tree -and are magician dolls mass-produced for war, but Vivi was not one of the evil ones, that were just taught to kill...
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    Do you agree that Final Fantasy VII is overrated?

    For the times(1997) I would say that FF7 was a good game- the gameplay, story and setting are all pretty good. I think the characters have some interesting personalities- and some people say it was one of the best RPGs ever. https://youtu.be/n0hVwfD_s-g
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    Yes, Kuja has no soul, he is a Geonome and a angel of death- and is out to destroy the world of Gaia. Kuja is a artificial lifeform to host the soul of the people of Terra- another world that seeks to merge with Gaia. https://youtu.be/FnWyGc6r5i4
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    Selphie is the most Powerful character in Final Fantasy 8

    I think Selphie looks quite cute and ditzy in this video below- but she is quite good with computers and vehicles, also more intelligent than she looks but she has a dark sense of humor as well !
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    I think Kefka is a very scary villian- and he reminds me a little bit of the Joker- he could even be crazier than the Joker as well. I would declare Kefka a psychopath and leave it at that- also what would it be like if Kefka and the Joker had a few words together(haha)?
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    Has anyone else played Chrono Cross here?

    This Chrono Cross game looks very good, although I never played it- but it received a perfect 10 score from GameSpot- so it's a very critically acclaimed game. The story is about a teenage boy named Serge and a theme of parallel worlds.
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    Farron sister VS Jonas brothers

    I think that is a matter of opinion-but I would go with one of the Farron sisters- and that being Lightning because she is very independent- but does come off as a bit cold and keeps her distance which I understand a lot. I think later in Final fantasy 13 though- she snaps out of it, and begins...
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    Cecil and Rosa are the worst romance in the series

    I believe they grew up together as kids and they had some awkward teen years -but the story in Final Fantasy 4, dosen't explore their relationship much. They are in love with each other- but he(Cecil) cannot love Rosa while he is a dark knight though.
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    World of Final Fantasy section?

    I never noticed that they never had a "World of Final Fantasy" forum before- but thanks EfficientNinja for bringing this to the attention, because I really enjoy reading about this game a lot. I think a lot of other people really like the retro feel to this game as well.
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