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    News: FFXV - Embark on the Incredible Journey of Noctis and Friends in the Palm of Your Hand

    I already love the story line. Playing it on my phone is not as easy as I thought.
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    FFXV let down lots of people

    I totally agree with you on this.
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    Does the voice acting bother you ?

    I'm kind of used to the voices by now, I mean a scene or two may be out of sync but I prefer the voices to reading massive number of texts.
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    Is FFVI is the worst looking on Pc?

    They tried upgrading the main characters art style but the monsters remained the same which sucks. I don't know if you noticed they didn't even bother to make 3D models of the whole map. To be honest, playing this game on Pc was really disappointing for me.
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    Best big boss in the final fantasy series

    My number villain has to be Kefka with his disturbing clown look. He's one of the most trigger happy monstor of all time, I don't think there is even a hint of humanity left behind that creepy looking face paint.
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    How did you kill the Shield Dragon?

    I've been trying to kill the Shield Dragon for a while now but I haven't had any luck. It has a lot of defense and magic defense, how do I kill it?
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    Did characters in FF1 have official names?

    I know they had class names but is there a way you can actually give the characters names?
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    Starting again to play final fantasy 1

    It's just like listening to your favorite artist over and over again, I don't see anything wrong with that. Go right ahead and enjoy yourself.
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