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    Did Final fantasy 1 meet your expectations?

    Yeah thats a good point, you are kind of setting yourself up to be a little disappointed if you go back to it after playing some others. All the more reason to get on board and stay updated as they come out though.
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    Why Ashe is not the main character?

    It does give that different perspective, but it does leave them coming off as somewhat unnecessary and it made me wonder the point of everything. I get it though but still kind of wish things were done differently.
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    The whole coming with a price should not be understated and it took me a little bit to figure that out, and maybe it is just semantics with what we all think of magic. Either way it is really one of the more intriguing things in the game though so getting to know how best to go about using it...
  4. holmes22

    Do you like it?

    At times I liked the brightness but I do think there is a time and and place and it was way overdone and felt like they felt they needed to add it in way more than it actually did. Overall I see your point but in some minor ways I liked it.
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    Cecil and Rosa are the worst romance in the series

    I think that might be part of it just that we really know nothing about it or the origins of anything there. Might be something to explore and would be a good addition I agree.
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    Reasons you stopped playing Final Fantasy 12

    I would say that you can always look at a game and say that characters are under developed, but then I always think to the fact that there are multiple games in the series. I guess I am just used to waiting around a little bit for that development, but it may not come at all.
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    Who is the better Farron Sister?

    I would agree there that the one who really provides the guidance and does the looking after would have to be the better one. Although when you think of the overall potential the answer might change there.
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    News: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Has Now Been Downloaded 30 Million Times

    Well that is quite impressive but not all that surprising, but maybe it is and I really am not sure of what the numbers for other games looks like. Every time I hear a new record or something I tend to forget it right after. Either way, though, I love to hear it.
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    Not played any final fantasy game?

    More of a rarity indeed and I would be a little surprised to hear of someone not having played, at least if they are a gaming person. I know some people who avoid the whole scene who could count but I will not count those people.
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    What do you think about the current housing situation?

    Not really sure what to expect but I am always a little weary when it is just we will bolster our servers. I know there is more to it than that but it sounds pretty generic to me, but I guess we shall see.
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    News: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Has Now Been Downloaded 30 Million Times

    That is quite impressive although it does not really surprise me all that much just given the popularity of the game. Also great to see that it comes with rewards for the players and some celebratory offers.
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    How I made my millions!

    I have ever gotten to an endless supply but it certainly helps. Maybe that just means I should devote some more time there or maybe I am just missing something.
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    Pc steam version

    Well that is good news and it is nice to see things keep improving. I hope that what you are hearing is correct and we will soon see the ps3 models.
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    News: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Now Available for Download

    I always like the open beta session and as long as you do not expect perfection it is usually pretty impressive. I also like the idea of the monetized tournaments and could definitely get on board with that.
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    Has Anyone Else Played the HD Remaster?

    Oh you would be surprised by what people will notice, no matter how minor. I bet we all can point to someone we know there, at least I can.
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