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    Why Ashe is not the main character?

    12 is released on a time where video game companies struggle to sell games with female protagonist. Yeah X-2 did well but yeah 12 is released on an era that most games rely on a brown haired male protagonist on his 20's to 30's. They also want to target this game to teens and Ashe is too old...
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    Noel or Snow

    If Serah pursued Noel, I think he would have got Lightning's approval. She have a huge dislike of Snow but has a huge respect of Noel. I guess Serah is just not into nice guys. Most women these days are into "bad boys" and Noel kinda fill that archetype even though he is heroic.
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    I want the Job System to return

    I think this system is easier to implement on 3d. They need some tweaking though. I want the characters to train so they will qualify for the job, You know job is not something you can find inside a treasure chest. Make the character train on a school and then apply for the job to make it more...
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    If you wake up one day and You are Squall Leonhart..........

    You guys didn't answer the question though, If you are Squall is Rinoa still your love interest?
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    Classic heroes should be summons for Future games

    I got this idea because Shiva is a summon on almost every single Final Fantasy game and she was given a human form in 15. Lightning became a Goddess in Lightning Returns and a Lot of the summons are Gods, So imagine having lightning as an assist you can summon in Battle. Terra from Final...
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    ffx or ff12

    X have Tidus and Yuna as leads, Characters seen as Iconic. 12 have Vaan and Penelo, 2 main characters who look like underage strippers and they got outshined by Ashe. Look how cool Final Fantasy X cast looks. Look at this Group Photo, Balthier looks like a Pimp and he is pimping the Final...
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    Would you mind if Final Fantasy 16 characters are chibi?

    Consoles should get the Photorealistic art style while the mobile versions should get chibi. I don't want chibi characters for consoles.
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    Why some weird fans wanted Terra and Kefka as a couple?

    I noticed that there are many fans wanted Kefka as a couple despite of the fact Kefka is the personification of evil while Terra is a pure hearted maiden. They are also mortal enemies as Terra is the main hero while Kefka is the main villain. They also have a disgusting Age gap to boot...
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    Why Bartz never romantically pursued any of his team mates?

    After the Death of the Oldman Galuf, Bartz is the only playable male on this game. He is the lead character of this game and he have 2 women who are loyal to him as team mates. He have Princess Lenna Tycoon, The Heiress of her Kingdom's throne. A very beautiful Princess who have pet...
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    Which FFVII mods would recommend?

    Just google "The Reunion Mod" Final Fantasy 7. Your PC hard disk must have lots of empty space because the mod is 10 GB since it transform an old game into an HD remaster. The character models and the backgrounds are replaced.
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    Anyone who remembers Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

    Crisis Core is a better Spin off than this one but this game will make you learn more about Vincent. Also it gives Vincent a chance to shine on his own. People who enjoyed Resident evil 4 may like this one because it is an over the shoulder 3rd person shooter.
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    Stella vs Lunafreya

    Stella and Noctis are suppose to have a Romeo and Juliet tragedy. This is in the trailer of the cancelled version. It has snippets of the Noctis vs Stella fight. After they decided to replace Stella with Lunafreya, The boss fight is removed.
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    Will Final Fantasy ever have a Plus sized or thick woman?

    Ashley Graham, She is a plus sized super model. She is the highest paid model on the thick spectrum. Yup she have the same name with the damsel in distress from Resident evil 4. She kind of inspired me to do this thread after noticing how thin the playable females are.
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    Which Support character you would like to have a spin off of their selves.

    Tidus does not qualify for this thread since he is a main character.
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    Final Fantasy 16 is already in development

    15 might get a few subsequels/spin offs and for sure we already have the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the horizon too. From what I know, Square Enix created a new studio and Team for 16. The Luminous productions. They did that so the existing teams of Square can focus with the 7 remake and the spin...
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