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    News: Final Fantasy XIV Will Be Updated In May With Patch 4.3

    LOL, in what developing is concerned, anything can happen really. Would you prefer that they respected the release date with issues on the game or delay it a little more? :) I am certain it won't happen though, with such an experienced team.
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    When did you start playing?

    I suppose that playing it with your brother makes it an even more enjoyable experience? I say this because I simply love playing FF with my kids.
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    40 hours for the game to open @Emma kwamboka? I am not even sure what that means?? No way I'd ever wait for any game to open!!!
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    News: Villain Vayne Joins DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT as First Season Pass Character

    Yeah, usually villains do look evil, being them in their human form or as demons or other creatures. It's interesting to see kids seeing villains, just by looking at them they immediately know if they are good or evil.
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    Is this game even worth coming back to?

    Yeah that is a big truth @overcast, gaming addiction is something terrible, so we need to enjoy gaming, but being aware at the same time from the addiction dangers. We need to have a life apart from gaming too.
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    When did you start playing?

    It's a great experience because not only you do what you love, but you also do it with the people you love, so it's 2 in 1 actually. :)
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    Are random encounters getting on your nerves

    Yeah, but when we get tired from a game and we aren't up for the challenge, nothing like taking a break and return later to enjoy the game fully.
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    Is this game even worth coming back to?

    LOL, I wouldn't say sacrifice because it's good entertainment for me, but it's certainly hours that many times are taken away from sleep.
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    Are random encounters getting on your nerves

    I don't have problems either with random encounters, I see it as a part of the game, something to keep me at the tip of my toes. As for improving the game with no encounters, I suppose it depends on each one's preferences.
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    Is Lightning Lesbian or Asexual?

    She has a manly face indeed, so I'd say she's a lesbian. At the same time, it's the first time I am thinking about it lol, whenever I am playing I am immersed in the game, and not in the sexual orientation of the characters. :)
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    The Singer who sang the English version of the themesong of Final Fantasy 13-2 is unrecognizable now

    Wow, what a difference!! Surely it's a neat song, but each one has the right to choose their own path, so good luck on his new life. :)
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    News: FFXV - Embark on the Incredible Journey of Noctis and Friends in the Palm of Your Hand

    LOL, thanks @Maestro. For us players Final Fantasy is one of the ultimate games, but the corporation developing the game sees it as business. Great that business for them is making our entertainment as good as possible. :)
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    What would you change in FFXIII

    Yeah, whether we like it or not, it's all about playability, how well the game can be played. Awesome graphs but hard to play is usually a no good game. This applies also for more characters as you mention @Emma kwamboka.
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    Not played any final fantasy game?

    Yep, a lot of people don't like gaming, but those that do game must have played FF simply because it's one of the best and more complete games out there.
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    I don't have a particular suggestion for you, but if you are considering playing FF13 again it's because you had a good experience. So why not do it all over again, or simply try doing it in a different way? That's the beauty of gaming, we can always try it from a different angle.
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