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    Noel or Snow

    Snow is her official love interest. I mean he is very passionate on trying to save her. Yes he is over the top but he is not as bad as his haters say. Noel....People just related because many men are friendzoned by women they loved.
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    What would you change in FFXIII

    If 13 is an open world, Yes it would have been more well received. It is still a fun game at the end of the day. It managed to have 2 sequels despite of some negative reviews. It is just polarizing. Well 15 is polarizing too if you think about it.
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    News: Final Fantasy XIV And Monster Hunter World Collide August 7

    Two of the giant RPG's are finally going to collide. It is a very exciting event. I wonder if this crossover is limited to MH characters only. I want to see creatures from other popular Capcom games.
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    News: Coco Joins Kingdom Hearts Union X

    I would have prefered it if it is in actual Kingdom Hearts 3 instead of a mobile game but I guess Coco is still a complicated project to work with on a HD scale.
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    Do you agree that Final Fantasy VII is overrated?

    Let's see what those people will say once we have a full pledged remake. It is the mystery if we will have the same gameplay though.
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    Forgotten impact of Final Fantasy VI

    This is an opera performance of Draco and Maria but I don't think it is the actual play since we see the musicians surround the singers and the singers don't wear costumes. FFVI: Opera "Maria and Draco" - Distant Worlds: The Celebration Repertoire
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    There is now a digital recipe book for Ignis' recipes

    I had it before and I actually liked it. I guess it is an acquired taste. It does smell awful but if you can get pass the smell, it tasted good.
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    Noctis is a guest character at Tekken 7

    He is kind of weak. You won't see him used at tournaments at all. Asuka is the most used character at this moment. Noctis is ranked 31 at the roster. He is not popular to tekken fans at all.
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    News: New Kingdom Hearts 3 Details Revealed At E3

    Most likely is going to be Noctis and Lightning. They are the most recent Final Fantasy heroes.
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    Which disney princesses who will appear on the game?

    I think Jasmine can fight too. On the Aladdin TV series she is able to held on her own. I kinda wonder if Elsa is going to be a friend or foe. There is a high demand of a boss fight against her.
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    That is what I love about him and also his main rival is Terra, A woman he tortured and enslaved for years. She is the ultimate face of compassion and innocence. She is like the ultimate saint of all Final Fantasy characters, she is so pure you just want to root for her. The contrast between...
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    The Darkest FF?

    Well the darkness of this sequel is compensated with cute and innocent looking chibi art style. We have beloved characters who died and a villain with no soul who is just fighting for his survival. Well at least we have a happy and saccharine ending.
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    There is now a digital recipe book for Ignis' recipes

    I tried Beanball Croquettes and it is delicious. There is an irony with this recipe because Noctis hate beans but he loves deep fried food. So Ignis managed to trick him to eat beans.
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    Tarzan is disconfirmed!

    Disney is not interested on Tarzan anymore. They have no plans to make new movies with that IP. They want to focus on characters they 100% own.
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    FF1 remake?

    I just realize 1 is actually easy to remake since they can make major changes on the storyline without offending fans since the characters originally lack personalities. So they have all the power in the world to make changes with the story.
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