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    News: Babylon's Fall Coming In 2019

    I hope it will be as good or better than Nier:Automata. I've liked this game because of the atmosphere and the story. There are different endings and you'll have to play the game repeatedly to get those endings.
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    There is now a digital recipe book for Ignis' recipes

    I downloaded the PDF file also. Is this the final version or are they still updating it? I'll give the recipes a try once I gather the ingredients.
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    The starting classes are - Fighter - Thief - Red Mage - White Mage - Black Mage But there are other classes to upgrade these like the Ninja class.
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    Tarzan is disconfirmed!

    What a shame. I wanted to see Tarzan's World again. Although his world was a bit tricky to navigate in Kingdom Hearts 1 because of the level design. I want Kingdom Hearts 3 to have as many worlds as possible so the gameplay will be longer.
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    Should Final Fantasy pull a "mass effect"

    I don't mind if they would do it like Mass Effect. However, they might have to change a lot of conversations or interactions with party mates and other persons. A male character should react differently from a female character and this would take a lot of time to develop.
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    Final Fantasy 7 HD mod

    I guess I'll give that a try. The guide I followed to install the 7th heaven mod for Final Fantasy VII instructed me to install it all the mods included and run them in the order they provided.
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    Never Played Never Heard of Final Fantasy 1

    You should still give it a try because it is the original Final Fantasy game and it is also one of the main reasons for Final Fantasy’s popularity. It is the first Final Fantasy game that I’ve played when I was a kid. I was hyped by friends to give it a try and I loved it.
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    Kingsglaive or Brotherhood anime

    Brotherhood is just a backstory of the group and how each of them relates with Noctis. Kingsglaive is much important because I see it as a requirement before playing the game. But everyone should just go and watch these two before heading out to play the game so you will have a better gaming...
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    Final Fantasy 7 HD mod

    Anybody tried playing this game on Windows 10? I’m having trouble playing the game because it crashes randomly. It could be because of some mods that I installed but I can’t pinpoint which mod makes the game crash.
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    Prompto's Mother?

    I agree it's a little too dark for a Final Fantasy game if this is considered an Easter egg. It has a high chance of being true because of Prompto's backstory too. I hope Square confirms or say something about this theory. :)
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    Would you like a mobile version of FF8?

    Since almost all of the previous Final Fantasy games have already been ported to Android and iOS, I think Final Fantasy 8 will soon have its port. I believe it has a very high chance of getting ported because it is a pretty popular game and many players are already considering gaming on...
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    Wouldn't strategy guides make things boring?

    I also think this is a personal preference kind of thing. I personally would only use a strategy guide during my second or third playthroughs. Whenever I play a game for the first time, I would like to play it on its vanilla version and no spoilers as much as possible.
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    Final Fantasy 14 vs Monster Hunter

    I've been a fan of Monster Hunter since its Freedom Unite days. It's cool that Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World will have a collaboration. I'm not familiar with Final Fantasy XIV's battle system but I hope it would blend well with the Monster Hunter series' monsters.
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    Romance in Final Fantasy

    The only romantic relationship that I know so far in the Final Fantasy series is TidusXYuna and SquallXRinoa. It's a shame that Final Fantasy XV's romance is almost nonexistent because the story's focus is Noctis and Luna's wedding.
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    Square enix sucks at E3 2018

    There are lots of rumors about Final Fantasy VII's remake that says it will be in development for a longer time due to problems or something. I've been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for literally half my life and it's cool that it already has a fixed release date. I agree that they should have at...
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