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    Bosses and EXP

    I never experienced such. Am sure that can be very annoying. Am not sure how one can make up for the loss sadly but am sure to check it up. Thank you for inquiring am sure it can really help others who experience such difficulties.
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    Is FFVI is the worst looking on Pc?

    I never knew of those versions. This is the first time I have heard of them and am sure to check to them out. And experience them because they sure sounds awesome.
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    No I mean jobs! But I think the other posts are legit.
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    Bosses of final fantasy 3

    Thank you for this amazing guide lines. Am sure to use them in future. The iron giant sure has fans out here.
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    A walkthrough for Final Fantasy

    This is so awesome guys. But the fact that we have to pay for some of this walk-through is a bummer. We love free things. Anyway the struggle was real. Let's beat the game without the walk-through. Best of luck mates. Am sure there price is cheaper on your end though.
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    Hi everyone? How many job classes has final fantasy 1? Because like any other final fantasy it does have jobs that one must do.
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    What do you think of Ardyn?

    I now get why he was the way he is. If any of us had gone through what he did m sure it would have affected us to some extent we won't be the same person. It's so sad he had to go through all that.
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    Do you prefer the Japanese dub or the English dub for 13

    Well I prefer the Japanese one, my only real problem with this is that the English sub in this game really doesn't follow the Japanese audio. Mind you I do not understand most of Japanese at all.
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    Best chapters for grinding and leveling up.

    Chapter 9-13 because I simply needed no grinding before at all. In chapter 9, you should keep grinding before you continue through the Berserker.
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    What do you think of Ardyn?

    Yes he wasn't in the beginning because he was pretending he is too of a hypocrite. Sorry to say. Why does that character come out then? He just hadn't realise he was evil or he was simply pretending. I loved him in the beginning but am glad I now know him for who he is.
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    Wouldn't strategy guides make things boring?

    Hi. But when it does get a little bit challenging you can always use guides and walk-through. But I think the best thing is to challenge yourself. What if there were no walk through? Am sure there is nothing difficult you can always beat the game without them
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    News: Special Editions of DRAGON QUEST XI Unveiled at E3 2018

    I watched the revealed two editions of both the Light and Lost time, and can't wait to have both versions. I love the fact that whatever format you choose, you'll get a DLC pack containing helpful items such as the supplicant and the healer accessories.
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    News: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fan Festa In The Works

    Hi. This is happening on the 8th to 9th December. I personally think this will unite fans from all around the world. I cannot wait for anymore additional information.
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    What does SEED stands for?

    I seem to agree with your post. Really related to mine. I do think it is a place to acquire mercenary.
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    What do you think of Ardyn?

    Ardyn is the main antagonist and appears in the feature film kingslaive. Ardyn is a shrewd, humorous and manipulative man. He is unpredictable, and his exaggerated and perfomative personality hides his sinister intentions as well as his dark past. Personally, I think Ardyn does deserve all that...
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