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    The Darkest FF?

    Have you guys heard of a game called Final Fantasy Type-O, it seems like it had a lot of bloodshed in it. This game was about sending children to war, so that is pretty bleak I would say. I think this game was only available in Japan, but you can now buy it in the states?
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    The job classes in Final Fantasy 1- include Black Belt,Black Mage,Black Wizard,Fighter,Knight,Monk,Ninja,Red Mage,Red Wizard,Thief,White Mage, and the White Wizard so maybe around 12.
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    Why FF VII is such a good game?

    I think the graphics got really good in Final Fantasy7, compared to the older Final Fantasy games- and also this game creates a strong emotional connection with the player and the character. They tell you a lot about the characters personal background so you can really live in their world.
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    Sephiroth Joins Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    It will be good to take Sephiroth with you, when you are on the go and play this game on your mobile device. In this game, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius- Sephiroth will show you some super human strength, being part alien so it will be fun!
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    News: Babylon's Fall Coming In 2019

    These two companies have collaborated before on a game and it was called Nier: Automata- I think this game called Babylon's Fall will be a cool game- and it will have some giant creature's battling it out with swords as well in it !
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    Final Fantasy V characters are named Twice

    I have read some interesting name meanings when it comes to Final Fantasy 5- and it seems like the name Bartz Klauser sounds a lot better than Butz Klauser. The Japanese version though is Butz, and comes from a german word meaning spirit- so go figure!
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    Kingsglaive or Brotherhood anime

    I think the Brotherhood anime series and the Kingsglaive movie are both worth watching, although I have never watched them yet. They say Brotherhood was to fill you in on, or expand on the characters background- something they could not do in the Final Fantasy 15 game. Also Kingsglaive focuses...
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    Final Fantasy 14 vs Monster Hunter

    This is a good collaboration between Final Fantasy 14 and Monster Hunter World, so it will be nice to slay some of these "Monster Hunter World" creatures in this game. It seem like Monster Hunter World is a very popular game as well, that sold a lot of copies !
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    Is FFXIII worth playing? Why?

    I would say that the one good thing about Final Fantasy 13, is it does have Sazh Katzroy in it. He is a middle-aged man with a afro and carries two pistols. I like old Sazh because he is quite the down to earth character and keeps this game grounded- he is 40 years old, so it's good to see a...
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    What happens if Final Fantasy reaches XXX?

    They could just not use roman numerals this time, and just call it Final Fantasy 30- and that would look a lot better on the box or packaging. I would leave this to the advertisers or marketing experts to figure this one out- I am sure they will come up with something, with all that profit that...
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    Why is there a Cid in every Final Fantasy game?

    You do see Cid in a lot of Final Fanatsy games- also in films and anime as well. The character of Cid is always very wise and intelligent- and a lot of the time, the Cid characters are portrayed as engineers or inventors. Also Cid is usually older than the main cast as well.
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    News: Final Fantasy XV Now Available For Universal Windows Platform

    I like the chibi art style enough, and it uses the same storyline and voice acting as the original, so that's cool. That is really great that they can capture the original experience, and condense it down a bit, so it would work on phones or tablets. This Final Fantasy 15 pocket edition is a...
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    What do you think of Ardyn?

    They say Ardyn was to be the first king of Lucis and I think he is about 2000 years old, give or take a few years. Ardyn's impurities grant him eternal life- and he does look creepy sometimes, his face sometimes looks demonic and grotesque, but it's kind of cool looking !
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 is announced!

    This looks like a fun game(kingdom hearts 3) that includes characters from both Disney and Final Fantasy. It seems though they have a lot of Disney characters in this game- and they added some new ones to the series including Rapunzel,Flynn Rider,Woody,Buzz Lightyear,Sulley, and Mike Wazowski...
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    If Final Fantasy 9 will have a remake, Should they stick with the chibi art style?

    I would say they could stick to the chibi art style in the remake of this game- but a lot of people were put off by the childish characters of this game, and so they dismissed this FF9 game because of the aesthetic. Once people try this game though, this game becomes their favorite game. I think...
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