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    Would you date a Vierra if they exist in real life.

    I would have to give them a chance but of course it might be a little difficult with the modern times and handling a relationship, but I agree they are always fit and attractive in their own way.
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    Final Fantasy 14 vs Monster Hunter

    Seems to be happening more and more lately, and on the whole I would say that I enjoy it and it is a good idea. I have certainly seen some questionable ones along the way though.
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    Should they redesign Celes's green outfit if 6 got a remake?

    I try not to get myself sucked into the things like that, even though once I do I could go on for a bit. I like the green but I can see the 3D point, but of course I could up with something better.
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    What do hate about Cloud vs Sephiroth fight

    I remember thinking that too and then some other ones along the same lines. Right afterward though I am usually able to just keep on and move past those sorts of things.
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    Final Fantasy V characters are named Twice

    I agree with not wanting to go around calling him Butz. It just kind of lessens the appeal of the game for that minor time, for whatever reason.
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    I tend to forget about those types of characters, but I have to say I like the using your imagination as to what happens, although it would also be kind of nice to know officially.
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    Final Fantasy Awakening Tutorials

    I can see the VIP one being pretty useful as I still get pretty mixed thoughts on that one. I might revisit some and definitely recommend it for newer players.
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    Yeah I have some memories of getting pretty frustrated with the Dark Elf just about how long it took. In the end though those are always better, looking back at least, but at the time pretty irritating.
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    Why did Tidus ends up alive in X-2

    Well that is a great explanation and it just immediately reminds of how lost I can get in these stories even if away for just a little bit. There was a point in time when I had it all down but it tends to go in and out these days.
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    Noel or Snow

    Well I guess it may not be a possibility if you see it like that, but there can be some kind of personal relationship that does not have to be sexual I suppose. But I guess you will still get that same question over and over so maybe not.
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    Final Fantasy XV's intro is off the charts!

    If you removed me from some of the previous games and then dropped me into to play this I would be amazed as well, but they have been impressive for some time so it is just a new layer to me. I always like the story better but of course they work nicely together.
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    Can the car used by the protagonists in Final Fantasy XV be created in real life?

    Yeah I would say it could be built, but then whether it would work or if you would want to use it might be a different question. Either way, though, it would sure look good in my driveway.
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    News: Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Celebrates Two Million Downloads

    Well you are always going to be able to compare it to something bigger or better. I would still say quite the accomplishment and I can image things go up from here and should be interesting to see where it goes.
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    Would you like a mobile version of FF8?

    It really is the new trend as others have mentioned so you just kind of wonder why not, and to a certain degree you come to expect it. I am not the biggest mobile gamer but if done right I love the option.
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    Did Final fantasy 1 meet your expectations?

    Yeah thats a good point, you are kind of setting yourself up to be a little disappointed if you go back to it after playing some others. All the more reason to get on board and stay updated as they come out though.
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