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    Rinoa is finally on Dissidia

    I love that the Arena is the flower fields where Squall "died". I suddenly want to listen to Eyes on me again. I don't like the voice actress, Rinoa have an Angelic voice in my head not a high pitch energetic voice.
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    Who are the Final Fantasy characters that you want to appear on this game?

    I wanna see Terra in Kingdom Hearts for the first time. It would be cool to see someone from a Pre-3d era make a cameo. I am very sure that Noctis will be on this game because he is the most recent hero. Lightning is also guaranteed to make it. Squall will alway be on this game he is a staple...
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    What kind of minigames you would like to see in future games.

    I want a Martial Arts tournament Minigame where we can earn money if we win it.
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    News: Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV Begins New Classical Guitar Series

    The sample song sounded so soothing, It can be something we can listen to when we are stressed or want to sleep.
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    Aqua is going to become a villain?

    Aqua is the beloved protagonist of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 . She is the main playable character of that spin off and she is a very well loved character. Based from the trailers though she seemed to joined the dark. She is going to be a villain in Kingdom Hearts 3. Many people speculate it is going to...
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    What would you change in FFXIII

    If FF13 is an open world, I think it would have been more popular. Most players these days prefers an open world instead of a limited map. Open worlds are more ideal for grinding.
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    Which game should be remade first?

    9 and 8 recently have remasters. They don't need remakes at this moment. The 2d games should have remakes first after Final Fantasy 7 gets one. 6 AND 9 Actually tied in popularity.
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    If we are going to have another animated Final Fantasy movie

    I definitely wanted an adaptation of an older game. I think Final Fantasy 4 will make a great shounen anime.
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    Should they redesign Celes's green outfit if 6 got a remake?

    I just don't think that costume fits in with today's political climate. That design is created for the male gaze. She should be wearing something realistic and practical since she is a warrior. I admire Anita Sarkeesian's conquest to stop costumes like this for female characters.
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    Final Fantasy V characters are named Twice

    I think right now Bartz official name is Bartz because that is his name in Dissidia. If V will have a remake I wonder what names will they use for the release.
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    Can the car used by the protagonists in Final Fantasy XV be created in real life?

    There are some auto customization shops that are able to imitate fictional car designs. I mean it is a very realistic design. There are people who are able to afford customized Bat Mobiles that looks exactly like the Batman movies.
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    How many years do you think we will wait for before 8 gets a remake?

    I think I will be 50 years old by the time a remake of 8 will come. I have reached my 30's and 7's remake is still in development hell.
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    Would you date a Vierra if they exist in real life.

    I found out Vierras don't get married. The females only meet up with male Vierras during mating season. They don't live together. If the Baby Vierra is female, the mom will keep it, if the baby is male, she will give it to the father. Fran is Unique since she sorta fell in love with Balthier...
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    What kind of minigames you would like to see in future games.

    I love the chocobo racing from Final Fantasy X. I also love the chocobo farming in Final Fantasy Type-0. My avatar is obvious.
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    Final fantasy 2018

    We are suppose to get Final Fantasy 7 remake this year but you know what happened. It is postponed for a better quality. There are some mobile games and updates for the mobile games though but I am more of a console person. 15 and 15 online are suppose to get a lot of update and DissidiaNT...
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