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    Here's why I think Rinoa absolutely COULD be Ultimecia...

    First, ignore the inconsistency of modality in the title ( i.e. "absolute" "could"), it's done for emphasis. Now, let's talk about why R=U could be true. According to the theory, the Sorceress Ultimecia is actually a future version of Rinoa, driven mad by grief after Squall's death, who intends...
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    Should You Buy Dissidia NT? Early Review

    After two days I am sure your Final Fantasy friends have said a thing or two about Final Fantasy. Not only that, Dissidia NT is receiving so little reviews with other significant launches that just broke the horizon. If you are here, I am sure you are here for two reasons, to figure out if you...
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    Which Final Fantasy games made you laugh the most?

    While watching a video of the FFX laugh scene, I thought about laughter in Final Fantasy, and was wondering which one you found the funniest. Usually the stories are pretty serious and while there is comedy, it's not as central to the games as Dragon Quest for example (There are skewered bell...
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    What are your favorite FF locations?

    Could be places you'd like to live in or visit irl or just plain like for whatever reason (like the WoR for being dark). My own personal favorites are: Alexandria (IX): I love every single FFIX location (notably Lindblum, Treno, Cleyra) but this takes the cake. I know it's a simple medieval...
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    FF1-6 remakes: Octopath, XV, Brave Exvius, or Tokyo RPG factory.

    So let’s say Square Enix decided to remake the first six Final Fantasy games and were trying to decide what art direction to go with. HD sprite art in the style of Project Octopath Traveler (aka 2D art in a 3D world) A full on HD remake in the style of Final Fantasy XV or FF7R (likely reusing...
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    Hi all, as someone who logged a ton of hours into izjs on a modded ps2 nearly a decade ago, even making a reasonably popular YouTube out of it in the limited circles of English speakers playing this, I’m understandably hyped for the PC release. I loved this game so much it prompted me to learn...
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    Unpopular Opinion - Anyone else just really not like the Materia system?

    This will probably sound really weird, especially coming from someone who loves 5 and 10's gameplay the most. Let me start off with a disclaimer: I love FF7, in my opinion, it has the best story out of the whole series, and it gets bonus points for being my first FF. However, here in endgame, I...
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    Is FF8 too short?

    Final Fantasy 4 for even the DS is shorter then this game and ff7. Final Fantasy 7 is indeed mostly longer. But that is only becuase of the mini games. If the mini games were taken away or barely played in 7. And the same in 8. Then mostly final fantasy 7 and 8 would be about the same amount of...
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    Have you ever played it via phone

    I recently broke my phone and I can't play the game on phone right now. But when I fix it I will definitely try out on phone. I don't really like the controls that phone gives you, but that's what it is. I might buy a controller for phones.
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    I love Final Fantasy 2.

    There. I said it! People are bothered by the system; but I gotta tell ya, it's enthralling to take up the challenge and explore a part of the franchise that not many people have the stones to venture into. I also find that the system is actually fun and engaging. Seriously; this is a game...
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    10 hours into FF VIII and I'm a little confused.

    I'm at the part where Edea is introduced and the city is having a parade for her. So she stands up at the podium, proceeds to call the nation of Galbadia a bunch of fools, tells them she's going to get them all killed, and then kills their president right before their eyes. I mean sure, I guess...
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    Should I buy the Royal Edition or wait for a potential Ultimate Edition?

    Is it likely these expansions will end up being released? And if so, is there a chance of there being an "Ultimate" edition coming out at some point including everything? Should I hold fire for now and wait for this potentially happening? Thanks!
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    Has Anyone Else Played the HD Remaster?

    I haven't played it yet, but I wanna play it. Is it better than the original or they've upgraded only the graphics. Graphics, in my opinion change a lot of how the game feels and plays so having better graphics can definitely boost up my enjoyment of the game.
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    News: Final Fantasy Dimensions II Comes To Mobile Devices

    It's really nice to see all these games coming to mobile so they can be more flexible to play. Not everyone can play games on the PC so seeing that Final Fantasy 2 comes out means a lot more players will experience the game. Also, you can have some fun while you are outside waiting for a bus...
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